Disaster Preparedness: Flood

Keep your homes safe from flood.

Philippines is ranked third in the latest World Risk Index for countries most vulnerable to disasters and natural hazards. To further emphasize this, our country experiences a whopping average of 20 tropical cyclones every year– and that’s a lot.

Now that the rainy season is here, expect those heavy downpours causing flooded streets and even homes because the truth is, floods cannot be prevented. But that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for it, right?

But what can you do if your house is not built to be “flood-proof”? Well, there are a number of ways to keep your home safe. Besides, that’s why Island Gas is here, we put your safety on top of our minds by keeping you informed and prepared at all times.

Here are some guidelines to remember at the occurrence of a flood:


  • Stay informed of the daily weather condition.
  • Store a stock of food, drinking water and emergency supplies.
  • Keep important documents in a safe-deposit box.
  • Move electric appliances and LPG away from flood’s reach.
  • Securely anchor weak dwellings and items.
  • Designate an evacuation area for your family.


  • Stay indoors. Avoid contact with floodwater.
  • Move to higher grounds should the flood enter your home.
  • Turn off electricity and water mains.
  • Protect food and drinking water from contamination.

The damage caused by flood can worsen from the carelessness and indifference of people towards these risks.

Safety shouldn’t be taken lightly, it starts with you! Switch to Island Gas now for an LPG that’s friendly on your budget and safe for your homes!