Being a part of this year’s Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) was a highlight for Island Gas.

The MAFBEX is the country’s biggest gathering of iconic pillars and outstanding newcomers to the food trade. The event is big enough to be held in a sweepingly large venue divided into five zones that cater to different categories of food, beverages, and other comestibles.

The expo is known for turning the spotlight on the latest innovations in the food and beverage industry. It’s also known for serving up the most impressive food-related event highlights, like live cooking demos, cooking and hospitality competitions, and an international pavilion that hosts various companies from Europe, the US, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea.

On our part, we provided the LPG supply for the entire event, helping to showcase numerous products amongst potential clients. We were able to exhibit our capacity to handle such a massive expo, as well as our other products and services such as industrial gases and gas line installations. We were successful in displaying Island Gas’ top line of products and services, and we’ve kept the ball rolling since.

We’re looking forward to more years of being MAFBEX’s official LPG supplier!