This seminar is conducted twice a year to educate refillers, household and
commercial clients on important topics such as:

  • Proper installation of LPG valves
  • Types of fittings for LPG hoses
  • Standard installation of LPG pipelines for industrial consumers
  • Leak testing of LPG valves and hoses
  • LPG leak detection


The training is offered to corporate clients who want to have their staff trained to be a licensed LPG Technician. It is a 4 day training program that will cover essential aspects like product knowledge, gas line and burner repair, installation, and LPG mechanical familiarization. Once training is complete, client will be certified by the fire department and will receive a certificate of completion assuring the trainees are equipped with the skills they need. Training will be headed by our Senior Sales Manager / Chief Engineer along with speakers from the Philippine Liquefied Petroleum Gas Associaton.