Your Safety is Our Business

One of the biggest changes we’ve implemented during ECQ is the extension of online delivery options for customers who don’t feel comfortable stepping out of their homes at this time. For your safety and convenience, we can guarantee that we’ve put in some extra steps before we arrive at your doorstep:

  1. Our LPG tanks are thoroughly disinfected with soap and water.
  2. Our LPG tanks have undergone intensive quality and safety checks.
  3. Our LPG tanks are delivered with care as per social distancing guidelines.

Likewise, if you decide to drop by any of our Sales Centers or Branches, expect to be welcomed with a set of new rules before entry. These measures were put in place in consultation with employees on the ground, and in accordance with government standards. While we hope it facilitates a safe and smooth experience for all, we standby our promise to adjust when the situation calls for it.

We welcome your feedback!